Wholesale NFL Jerseys-Wholesale jerseys online shop

Wholesale NFL Jerseys-Wholesale jerseys online shop
Today, we will introduce a set of global best-selling jerseys: Italy national team 2016 European Cup home jersey. I believe a lot of friends in the web for the jerseys, and tell you it, we have here, but also authorized the production of Oh, Come and see.
First to introduce the jerseys: Florence City Hall – the historic Old Palace (Palazzo Vecchio), the Italian Football Federation to join the company Puma (FIGC) jointly launched the Italian national team to participate in the 2016 European Cup home jersey new national team players Gianluigi Buffon (Gianluigi Buffon), Manolo �� �ӱ��ǵ��� (Manolo Gabbiadini) and Davide Astori (Davide Astori) dressed in new uniforms standing on the high platform, as sacred sculpture in general.
Blue and white shirts inspired by the great victory of the past, with the Italian fashion fashion design combine to express the history of Italian football jerseys from china great respect. “Azzurri” will be on Friday in a friendly with Belgium team, then the team will be wearing new uniforms appeared.
With pride, passion and tradition of Italian football as a guiding inspiration, the design of the new Puma jersey reflects the attention to detail. High round neck design reference to the Italian team through the past classic shirts, the fashion today to maintain the classical charm. Exquisite Italian fashion tradition is reflected on the front side of the shirt, on the back and sleeves in relief fine lines.
Other details include the shoulders and sleeves Puma classic Form Strip stripes, gold trim, and the shirts around the bottom of the triangle sides “tricolor”, etc. Puma is the official number of fonts play a finishing touch.
Italy captain Gianluigi Buffon said: “I understand and cooperate with Puma has been a long time, and now has more than ten years, during which they provide for the Italian team’s jersey is always impressive Italians like to show themselves. the advantages, especially in terms of appearance, which is very important to us. just launched a new jersey once again that the Italian people understand Puma demanding needs, and give http://www.wholesalejerseysonlineshop.com/ a satisfactory answer. ”
Puma’s global creative director Torsten Hochstetter said: “The Italian team jerseys for us is like a flag, which for many people means pride, passion, great history heritage, tradition and elegance, to participate in this kind of work for me personally also has a great sense of satisfaction. we are very cautious attitude into the new jersey design work, only hope that our work can be worthy of the Italian team Puma brand and great reputation. ”
New Jersey strategically use both the front and back of the latest Puma ACTV Thermo-R technology to help players maintain optimal body temperature during exercise. Unique phase change material is used to the inside of the shirt sports stickers, it can absorb excess heat and need to be released back into the body. Close to the body stickers can also play on the skin micro-massage effect, helping athletes to play the best level, and to the athletes muscles faster and more efficient energy supply.
Since our shirts are cheap, no middlemen make the difference, we assume all shipping, wholesale prices can again Oh!
Wearing comfortable and handsome, what are you waiting for? Come and buy it!

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